At the beginning of 2022, I decided to start a company called Refinably with my former colleague Drew Betzer. It took much of my focus for over a year therefore this site was left a bit neglected but it is time to start investing again.

While starting the company in a pandemic, we were able to raise a pre-seed round of funding and built a MVP platform to bring on our first customers. Our vision was to help companies optimize their tech stack by providing insights into how their teams used their tools. It was a thrill to see users appreciate our product and we loved building solutions to solve hard problems. From working in WeWork to a rented conference room, we drank countless cups of coffee and spent hours on the whiteboard coming up with new ideas and features to take to market.

After putting all we had to grow the business, we met Backflip and had an opportunity to sell. The ability to continue to use our product to solve internal challenges as well as the opportunity to dig in to a new prop tech space provided the basis for an exciting new chapter of my entrepreneurial journey. I look forward to the new role and helping Backflip grow next!