11Jul 2023


At the beginning of 2022, I decided to start a company called Refinably with my former colleague Drew Betzer. It took much of my focus for over a year therefore this site was left a bit neglected but it is time to start investing again.

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05Mar 2021


It has been a couple weeks since we lost both power and water in Austin, TX in the longest stretch of freezing temperatures the state has seen in decades. Sufficient time has past now that I feel I can write something to about our experience of what transpired over those days (weeks for some people).

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28Feb 2021

Why a Website

I built my first website on Angelfire back in the 90s when animated backgrounds, embedded music files, and guestbooks were all the rage. This was prior to any type of customizable social media pages like MySpace and even predated journaling or diary sites like Xanga. Everyone had to learn just enough HTML to write a quick bio, slap some low quality GIFs on the page, and link it on their AOL Instant Messenger away messages. The original measure of your internet clout was the visitor counter on the bottom of your page.

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